Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kayce & Justin's Maternity Session... Proofs are Ready...just in time for baby!

Kayce & Justin's proofs are ready and just in time for baby to be born.  Kayce goes in tonight to start the process to welcome their new little bundle!  I'm excited to know if baby is a boy or girl and the name- kudos to you guys for waiting for the suprise.  Here are a few more of my favs from the session, they turned out awesome, you guys were a pleasure to work with.

I am so excited to meet your little bundle next week at the newborn session!

Heres to a quick, fast & pain free (as can be) delivery, Kayce!  Everyone who's a reader, keep them in your thoughts and prayers tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy the gallery!

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I'm finally starting to feel better from my tonsillectomy and am back to taking appointments starting next week.  Book your Spring Session now!! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Precious Parker - Proofs are Ready!

Precious Baby Parkers proofs are all done!!  He's just a little over 3 weeks now & I bet he's already grown and changed so much - that's exactly why Newborn pictures are so great to have's hard to remember when they were just this little!  Cant wait to see this lil punkin for his next session.  Enjoy!

Now taking Spring Sessions & still booking for Weddings and Engagement Sessions.  Follow my blog & make sure you like my facebook page - there are a lot of specials coming in the next few weeks + I'm looking for a few Seniors to do some sessions with - my first few bookings will get put in for several giveaways...including FREE Session, Free Packages, Prints, Albums, etc!!!! If you know Seniors, send them my way!  As always, great referral bonuses.

I'm looking forward to my session tomorrow morning in MC with The Kestens!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weddings....New Assistant...Tons of New Props....+ So much more for 2011!!!!

Time flies.  I feel as if I'm going 100 miles a minute and am loving it, I am learning a lot, still trying to find that balance & just so very thankful for following that little spark inside of me that said it was time to pursue Photography.  It's definetly one of the better decisions I've made for my life. 

With that is Wedding Season!  Since last Tuesday I have had 9 inquiries for weddings, 7 booked & still getting requests.  I feel honored, beyond blessed & soooo excited to open up to an area that I saw a lot further off.   I have dabbled with it & the idea a little bit but nothing even close to what 2011 is going to bring!!  I quickly realized that I was going to need an Assistant for these weddings, there was no wondering about it & eventually getting someone - I needed to offer it to someone so that I could get them on board with me & see some of my ideas & what I wanted to offer for each session that I booked. 

There was one person who popped in my head immediately when I began thinking about it & I'm a prayer' I pray for the clarity on what my immediate thought is :)  I still felt clear about it after a few days & it just so happened that we were going to be with her & her husband last weekend on a couples getaway up to Minnesota, so I thought I would throw it out there & see what she thought.  She Accepted!  She said she thought it would be fun & she would enjoy doing it!  She is one of my bestest friends in the world, She knows me (really knows me), knows how I work, gives me ideas(& they always rock), can give constructive criticism & I know she does it for all of the right reasons, is EXTREMELY creative & I feel as if we just have a very special bond....I could go on about her for a long time - You're in suspense aren't you.......who is it? 

I am so excited to introduce to you My New Assistant........Miss ABBY MURRAY!  This is her with her husband Tim who is Realtor in Mason City & their little sweet cheeks baby girl, Gracie! 

It was so awesome, while our hubbies went Skiing at Wild Mountain on Saturday we went shopping, we hit a few antique shops and scored some cool props including an old wooden highchair, two very retro chairs/stools, a baby scale, a few hats & old necklaces & a pull along little wooden wagon.  We were on a roll!  It was so nice to share ideas + she put so many new ideas in my head, poses, props, etc.....Seriously, She Rocks!

Thank you Abby for being part of my new venture - I'm so excited to be able to hang out & work with you again.  You alone are going to help Mikala Photography in many ways!!! Thanks for being so fab in all areas, you are so well rounded.  I feel very grateful to have you as a friend & to be able to work alongside you is going to be great!  You make me a better person & I love you for that! Thanks for's going to be Blast!