Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneak Peek of my New Nephew Blake!!

Welcome to the world lil Blakey Boy & congraties to my little sister Ashley on this precious bundle.  This was my first newborn session & everything I read on it taking typically from 2-4 hours was right on!  The baby is the boss & all in their timing!  He is so alert (even though you can't tell from the ones I'm posting) & really wasn't up for having his lil butt uncovered, in fact he didnt want to be uncovered at all......  but we still got some good ones.  Enjoy the few pictures that I got done today. 

I love love love Baby toes! 

Thanks for having me over & feeding me a brownie (Sue) They were fabulous & Hope you guys had a good Family Thanksgiving!  I would love that recipe :) 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Usher Family......Proofs are Ready!!!!!

This was an overall great shoot, edit & process.  It was a lot of fun just viewing the pictures over and over again....which all of my sessions have been, but I learned a ton from this session & it got me brainstorming a lot on what steps I want to take next!  I like what I'm doing, it's fun, relaxing & Just feels right!
Ushers, Enjoy your proofs..... theres not a lot I can say about the photos, they speak for themselves!  I wasn't aware of how many overall great shots until I got into viewing & you are a very photogenic family!! Comment away :) Thanks again for allowing me to capture that Sunday with you guys!

Packages are posted under Pricing & I will also be designing Christmas Cards for those of you that are interested.  I'll be offering an overall discount for those that place an order for prints + Christmas Cards!!! Just contact me directly for details.

Thanks for following!  Make it a great week! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

See Family - Your Proofs are ready!

See Fam - Your Proofs are ready!!!!

Each of these 4 kiddos were cute as ever.......Lil N is a such a ham, as you will see, we got tons of shots of him, he smiled on cue everytime, the one below is amazing of his eyes, the sun hit his face just right, isnt he adoable?!?!?!  The other kiddos were great too & as fast as Lil Missy M was, we got some great ones of her too! 

Thanks again Nate & Kristi for letting me share this photo session with you....hope you enjoy the gallery, you have a beautiful family!  Feel free to pass along & share! Here are two more photos that I absolutely adore from this session!

For everyone that has already gotten their pictures taken, super sorry for the delay, but package pricing will be uploaded very soon.   I will also have Christmas Card designs uploaded, there will be a lot of different design ideas available.  Thanks for your patience, belief and support!! 

I am very excited to do my very first newborn session with my new nephew, Blake (I have loads of ideas!!!!!!)  Also am going to do my very first Maternity shoot with the Kayce & Justin Scott in January.....I already have so many ideas for that as well. Thanks for helping me get in practice with something new, Promise - I'll make it worth your while :)

I will start "Winter Wonderland" Photos as soon as the snow starts falling (which I'm assuming will be soon).  If anyone is interested, just let me know.  I have brainstormed & will be working on a studio at the house for now.....then we'll see where that leads me!  

If all of you followers have any other ideas, just send me a message.  I'm definetly open to suggestions & love new ideas!! Thanks again, friends!~

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sneak Peek - Usher Family!! & a lil extra of my Buddy, Baby Boy J!

What a Fun Shoot I had today with the Usher Family of 5 - so glad Rick (Dad of the fam) made it even though he had a ton going on.  After you see the results from the session, I think you will believe it was worth your time!  We met in Downtown Wave (probably my most fav place to do sessions....for now anyway!)  We got started immediately because we were watching the clock...but just because we were on a time schedule meant nothing about the shots I captured, because they speak for themselves.

It took the boys just a bit to warm up to me, but once they did, they had a blast & were asking for more pictures.  They wanted to climb or jump up on something, we got a few of those shots too!  I just love boys.....what they say about boys is true & I'm finding that they are fun to photograph too!!!

Miss Hunter had no problem at all warming up to me- in fact, she was posing the fam for me & my camera loved her as much as she loved it!!!! Thanks Hunter - your pictures show how absolutely beautiful & photogenic you are!!!  You will see from the pictures just how much she & her mom look alike, they look more like sisters than mother and daughter!

Thanks for letting me be a lil part of a memory made today!  You will have a lifetime to cherish these photos of your wonderful family!

I also got to watch Sophia Girls lil buddy - Baby Boy J today while his Mommy & Daddy went for a Harley Ride for their Anniversary - Happy 1 Year, you two lovebirds!!  Even though Sophia didnt wake up to hang out with him...Q, Xander & I did & he is a seriously such a cutie...just look!!!!  I had to take the one really up close - just look at those BIG Brown Eyes.  I dont know how mommy, daddy, or well....anyone will ever say 'No' to this lil sweetheart!  As cute as he is, hes a very good boy too!  Thanks for sharing him with us today.  I am already looking forward to taking his 1 year pics & capturing him dive into some birthday cake & making a huge mess!!

Thanks for following & have a fabulous week! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murray Proofs Are Ready!

Murray Proofs are ready - this is gonna be a quick post cuz I know that Miss Abby is just anticipating her proofs!!! Below are a few of my favorites from the session.  Everything about this fam is Beautiful & look at Gracie Girls Baby Blues!  She was a super quick mover& I am absolutely amazed I got such great shots of her!

The last photo of her and daddy leaving the Train (but not really wanting to) just makes me laugh. I also love the one of her and her Mama on the bench.  Not everyone gets to see that smile of Abby's, I fortunately have & it is WONDERFUL, along with her laughter!  Thanks again for all of your support, love, and Encouragement. I could have never dreamed of better friends to share our life with.  I Love you guys and am thankful every day for our friendship and wherever it may be that our lives are taking us!  Tim - Congraties on your first listing as a big time Realtor in Mason City!! You're gonna be soooo awesome!

Murrays....ENJOY the pics of your wonderful family!