Friday, April 29, 2011

Nathan, Becky, Diesel & Sunni's Sneak Peek!

Last weekend I did a session with Nathan, Becky and their two Chihuahuas, Diesel & Sunni  These two little chihuahuas had more outfit changes than most of my clients! They are so tiny & cute (as you will see).....I could hardly get my camera to focus on them.  Sunni was so adventurous and hyper & Diesel was having fun exploring a new area.

Becky & was pleasure working with you two, its so cute how you guys spoil your pups....I can only imagine how it will be when you have kids! :) Thanks again & Enjoy the sneak peek!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Olmstead Wedding - Sneak Peek!!!

Introducing....Mr & Mrs Olmstead's Sneak Peek!  This was my first "official" wedding shoot & what a beautiful wedding and reception.  I was thankful that they chose me to capture their big day, I really had a lot of fun and learned a lot too.  It was hard to  believe that I was on my feet for 9+ hardly felt like it (well.....until the next day anyhow :)  Oh....and a note to my hubby.... I will be getting a pedi after each wedding!

I had been watching the weather all week and all that was forecasted was rain, rain, rain with clearing skies in the afternoon.  Who knew that we would wake up the morning of the 16th of APRIL to a snow filled ground!  I texted the bride immediately "Well......snow on ur wedding day in the middle of April must just be a sign of good luck"  The snow melted and the skies cleared the time that they said 'I do' & what a perfect day it turned out to be.

I loved that they had a horse and carriage waiting for them and went for a stroll with their 3 kiddos around Shell Rock. 

Great job to everyone who helped make their day so can tell you put a lot of hard work to make it perfect!

Enjoy your sneak peek......there are a ton more!

and 2 become 5!


I love this one too!!!

Everyone have a great week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clear Lake Prom 2011 - Aaron & Ericka's Sneak Peek!

I was thrilled that I got to take pictures of my cousin Ericka's pre-prom at the lake last Saturday!  It's so hard to believe that she is already old enough for prom.....I remember when she was just a toddler!  She looked stunning in purple (& Aaron looked pretty good too!)  It was so great catching up with my Aunt Cindy too, it had been much too long since I'd seen them last.  I also got a GNO (Girls night out) with a few of my besties too!  All in all a really great weekend!

Heres a sneak peek to the gallery that will be posted in just a few weeks!  Enjoy!

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