Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sneak Peek - See Family!

What I love most about photography and a new experience is the experience gained with each individual session!  I met with The See family this afternoon in downtown Wave! It was a larger family session than I have done yet, with the parents, 4 kiddos + a dog, but it was great experience!! 

Lil Miss Kenzie, the baby of the family was go, go, go & had me on my toes (& I thought Gracie Girl was quick last Sunday!)  The picture of her below was worth the whole session, covering her lil eye wondering why I kept chasing her around with the camera.  Isn't she a cutie?!?!  plus I like a lil challenge and Idef got it!

The other 3 kiddos were great & Sam the dog wasn't too bad either :)!  Almost every picture I took of them turned out great - they did just what I asked! Next time though......I'm bringing Candy - bribery always works!  We got some great family ones, even though getting 6 people + a dog to look is definetly harder than it would seem.  I am very excited to get these proofs back to them, I hope they are as pleased as I am with the session!

Nate - Thanks for being a were pretty patient considering taking pics isn't your fave and in several locations, I hope you feel it was worth it!  Here's just a peek to many more that will be on the way in the next week or two.  Kristi, thanks for setting up the session & letting me be part of capturing your cuties!  I appreciate it!

Listed below are two pictures I got of my kiddos today too - am still learning a lot about my camera and did a few different settings.  I really like how they turned out & I'm pretty sure they will make the wall!

I am still taking appointments for outside pictures while we have some "fall" weather left, then it will be onto fun winter wonderland pictures- which i'm soooooo excited for!  I have a lot running through this brain & what I'm going to start offering! Studio is in the works also!  + any suggestions as to the kind of things that you prefer with a photographer, please let me know.....I'm def open to any suggestions or ideas! 

Cell: 319.269.2480

Soooo excited for next weeks sessions: Usher & Retterath Families! + my very soon to be born nephew (fingers crossed) Blake's Newborn Photo Shoot!!!!! Pretty Excited to meet this lil guy & Ash.......Good Luck! - believe me, once you meet him - it'll all be worth it!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Peek - Murray Family!

I had a great weekend away in Des Moines with the girls.  Originally I had just planned to meet up with Jennifer to do the Race for the Cure 5K and staying an extra night at Embassy Suites...ended up doing that + meeting up with Mallory & Jaime (who just happened to be in town bridesmaid dress shopping) & Jens sister-in-law, Abby also joined us! It was great catching up and talking about old times.....but most of all just being together again.  Oh, how I've missed them all!

Perfect end to my weekend was getting together for a Shoot with The Murrays!  I know them so well, so honestly was a tad bit nervous....but as soon as we found a location and got moving - it was as great as I would have imagined.  I already knew Gracie Girl was always on the move....but no idea that I had to be that fast - she is a climber & a seriously fast runner......she had me running at full speed way more than once.  We got some amazing pictures....

Who you see in these pictures is exactly who this family is - SMILES, LAUGTER & JOY always!  Tim & Abby are truly one of the most amazing couples I've ever met & Gracie is just full of spunk, which I love, love, love!!!!  You will see from these photos how fun this was for me...I just got started, but could barely stop because we captured so many great ones.  So here are a few of my far :) Enjoy, Murrays! Comment away :) Thanks again for allowing me to share this with you guys!

Prices are up now on my website just now working on package prices which will be a significant savings over buying ala carte!  I'm still taking appointments....for those of you that already booked with me - Each Referral earns you a free 8x10 or equivalent pricing for any print of your choice!  

Thanks for following & believing in me!! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lowry-Smith Proofs are ready!

Very happy to have most of the Lowry-Smith proofs completed.....I set a goal to have them all in there before I left for the weekend.  Althought i didnt succeed 100% i did about 75%.  Here are a few of my favorite ones of this session that are also in the gallery! Feel free to post comments....I love comments!

For those of you that really know me, know that I work during the day and had quite the day (to say the least amount possible) so I am now working on my day off which is tomorrow and brought some work home that needed to be completed so I can get on the road to Des Moines to see my girls!  So thankful for some of those that I work with, they seriously help me keep my sanity! Thank you, you mean the world to me!

Kimi - I hope you love these pictures....cuz I do!  I relived the session once again last night and then with uploading them tonight.  The site is password protected so if anyone who is interested in pics and wants to see examples or just wants to view them, please let me know and I'll clear it with the families!

Thanks for all of my followers.....I wont be on much this weekend as I'll be busy - Having fun :)

I am very excited for my 3rd photo session on Sunday with a fabulous family that means the world to us - The Murrays....Tim, Abby & Gracie Girl.  So excited to capture that lil lovebug on camera and T&A too.  We'll get some good ones.  A sneak peek of that will be up quick....I get too anxious to keep them to myself!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Franzen Proofs Ready!

So excited for my first set of proofs to be put in my Gallery on What a fun and learning experience so far.  It has been consuming my every thought & I'm hard at work from the moment the kiddos lay down.  It doesnt even feel like work & I'm not really having to try too hard - it is coming very natural for me!  Again.....pretty sure Ive found what I am supposed to do!  Below is another fav of mine from the Franzen session last Saturday!

So excited for a weekend of fun....On Friday I'm off to see my bestie Jennifer Shipton (Homaega) in Des Moines to wake up and do the Susan G Komen Race For the Cure - Breast Cancer Awareness Run/Walk.  Just got news that some of my girls from College are also going to be in Des Moines - can we say reunion.....oh, how fun that is gonna be!  Waaaaay overdue, that's for sure!  Then Saturday night me & Jen have a hotel in Des Moines to just hang out & catch up & do whatever we want!!! Also, way overdue!

Then, on Sunday I have a photosession with Tim Abby & Gracie Girl in Mason City!! So excited to take pics of them & spending time with them is one of my favorite things in the world!

Life is Great & I am thankful for that.  Oh & Mr Mom took the kiddos to the doctor for Sophia's check up 4 months she is already a whoppin 15 lbs & 26 inches....Baby Girls gonna have legs like her mama :) They got shots, which I was happy to not have watched.  My hubby is awesome & has done a ton to make this dream become reality!

Thank you for all that have booked your appointments with me!  Next set of Proofs to be completed is the Lowry-Smith Family!!!!  There are some great photos in that Gallery already, & I'm hoping to have these completed before I leave for the weekend!

Oh...& lastly - sorry for all the name changes - it's been a hard time trying to figure out my logo & what to call my studio.  For now it's just simple, Mikala Photography!  & I like it.....for now, anyway :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sneak Peek - Lowry-Smith Family!!!

Why is it that I can't sleep?  Probably because I'm so excited about my venture & the pictures that I captured this weekend & want to share with everyone!

Surprise!! Kimi & Cam, here is a sneak peek to a lot more photos that will be coming in the next few days!  

This was a super fun shoot - Miss Cam who is 10 was my model....(WOW! 10 already, I remember her mama being prego & the day she was born, def doesn't feel like that much time goes has gone by) the girl can pose!! She was thinking of ways to put her hands, cross her feet, wore super cute outfits - & just has a great personality... (I seriously think she may be a mini me.....& I think her mom thinks so too) Kim all I can say is My mom warned you!!  The session with her was a fun & goofy one at the park!

We also did family pictures which we didn't plan, but it turned out perfectly!! They have the CUTEST twin boys who are gonna melt your heart in these pictures, biggest baby blue eyes that you've ever seen!! They did really good, not too many tears + I got me some good "Baby toe(s)" pics. 

Cam......I am trying to get a Profile set up for my photography, as soon as I do, I promise I will upload some of these and tag you in them!

Kimi - Thanks for the girl time was fun!  Love the laughter we share & really love the fact we always pick up where we last left off!  That's true friendship, for which I consider myself lucky! 

Thank you for letting me capture your family & I hope you Enjoy!

Who is next?????  Lots of Sessions Available, facebook,email or call!

First Official Photo Session....SUCCESS!!!!

My first official photo shoot went great yesterday with Jessi, Tucker & Emerson! Tucker is super photogenic & did about every pose or action shot I asked of least until the end where he let me know when we were at the park "I'm not taking any more pictures!"  I did squeeze a few more smiles & poses out of him with the bribe of a sucker the next time I see him!  I better put a sucker in my car, just in case, so I keep up my end of the deal!  Good job Buddy - you did great & the pictures show it!

Emerson wanted to be close to her mommy most of the time, which actually makes for some great photos - just look at the one below of these two....that was worth the whole session for me!  I still got some perfect ones of her sweet lil cheeks.  Also included the one of Tucker & Emerson holding hands by the water, this was Jessi's idea - Another one of my favorites from this session. Good idea, Jess!!!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek.....  your gallery will be posted in a few days!  Thanks again for letting me capture these cuties & you too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Official Photo Sessions begin.......TOMORROW!!!

Soooo Excited for my first (TWO) Photo Sessions tomorrow! 

First I'm off with one of my girls Jessi & her two adorable kiddos, Tucker & Emerson!  This is going to be a super fun & exciting shoot, Tucker is all boy, completely full of life & Miss Emerson is a such a lil sweetie who looks just like her momma.....just wait and see!

Then I'm off to Clear Lake tomorrow afternoon with my long time bestie - Kimijo, her daughter Cameron who is going to be my lil model downtown CL & her ADORABLE twin boys Jackson & Jacob!!!  I have so many ideas since they're not on the move quite yet & how lucky am I to get to capture two lil identical buddies! (Kimi, I'm gonna need your help knowing who is who, as always!!)  

A huge thanks to Kim & Jess for being not only my first clients but more importantly, wonderful friends! 

Just so everyone knows where I am at with Pricing, my website,'s all in the works - but coming together quickly (as this all has)  Photo Session Fees are $40 with up to 5 people, unlimited changes & pose for a 1-2 hour photo session - you all are the boss! You tell me what you want or any creative ideas & we'll get it put together & just HAVE FUN! I'm working on getting an online Gallery for your images to be displayed too....

Thank again Everyone! Still open for more sessions - contact me!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Journey....A New Adventure!

I am excited beyond words (well almost) to start this New & Exciting Adventure!  Photography is something I said I always wanted to do....even when I was a lot younger & worked at Ames Photo in Mason City, people would ask what I wanted to do & my answer was "I want to be a Photographer" 

Just within the last 3 weeks, it has stemmed from a maybe in my mind to a full blown leap of faith to just go for it!   I've been praying for a long time to be shown what I'm supposed to do, something that I love when I wake up like I do every morning to Quinton & the kiddos......& I think  found it! I did my first official photo shoot with Alexander (& Q jumped in a few) yesterday, even though he was a lil stubborn & grumpy - the pictures turned out well........ Heres one of my favs!

 Seriously, I am so thankful for a husband who supports me & really does believe in me more than i do sometimes! He didnt even think twice when I wanted to buy a new Nikon Camera, & then my two upgrades to a professional series!  He's been a huge help!  Thanks Q for being a great hubster & father....& the kiddos!

For all of my potential clients....Thank you for considering me to capture photos of your families and letting me experience a little bit of your joy!

I am currently looking at a few labs & will have my pricing listed very shortly!

If your're interested in scheduling or any me directly 319.269.2480!

First Official Post to Mikala's First Blog!!!

Hey Ya'll,  

Q here, Just wanted to get something posted and see how all this works. We might be making some changes soon, but I promise to keep anyone that is following posted!